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Sweet and Heat Smoked Sausage Dinner

This Dutch Oven Camp recipe is very similar to a chuck wagon cowboy recipe called “Big Old Mess”. Big Old Mess is very filling and easy to make. This is a very easy starter recipe for the beginning camp cook.

1 lb Smoked Sausage
1 Bell Pepper
1 Anaheim Pepper
1 Large Sweet Onion
1/4 tsp Hot Pepper Flakes
1 tbsp Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Barbecue Sauce, Nothing Fancy
2 tbsp Hot Sauce
2 tbsp Cider Vinegar
Vegetable Oil

Serves two hearty appetites.

Cut the smoke sausage into 1″ thick rounds and set aside. Cut onion and peppers into large bite size chunks and set aside. In a measuring cup add barbecue sauce, hot sauce, cider vinegar, brown sugar and hot pepper flakes. Stir well to desolve the brown sugar and set aside.

This recipe will require shifting charcoals from top to bottom twice to complete the dish, but its worth it.

Start with 20 charcoal briquettes. Put 10 coals under a 10″ Dutch Oven. Add a tiny amount of vegetable oil, wipe oil to cover bottom of the Dutch Oven. Add the smoked sausage to the Dutch and brown on both sides. Add the chopped vegetables and sauce mixture to the Dutch Oven, stir and cover. Remove all but 4 or 5 coals from the bottom and put on top with the remaining coals. Bake for about one hour stirring ocassionally. Add more coals as needed. Once the vegetables are tender, remove lid and put about 10 coals underneath. Bring mixture to a slow boil to reduce and thicken the sauce. Be careful not to burn the sauce. If it gets too hot remove a few coals from underneath.Sweet and Heat Smoked Sausage Dinner
Serve the Sweet and Heat Smoked Sausages with refried beans and tortillas. The hot peppers and hot sauce can be bumped up for the heat lovers and the cider vinegar is what gives it that little sour twang. “Oh Boy” is this GOOD!

To learn more about charcoal placement and temperatures
Visit “Cooking with Charcoals”

Camp Cooking Recipes – The Fun Activity On A Camping Expedition

One of the interesting activities your entire family can be involved in, around the campfire, in the evening is trying out fun camp cooking recipes. Not only will this provide an opportunity for your family to bond together, but you will also relish the delicious food made as a result of this activity.

The best part about camp cooking recipes is that you can be as innovative as you like and can use tasty ingredients to prepare some simple dishes. You can cook some yummy dishes like s’mores, or even make a dessert without using any camp cooking equipment.

The best time to try out these fun recipes during your family camping trip is when you crave for something sweet, especially after dinner and that too around the campfire. Let us share with you some great camp cooking recipes that are a step-up on the traditional desserts at the campfire.

– Pour some chocolate syrup or put a chocolate bar broken up into pieces, in a cup you can make yourself, out of aluminium foil. Now place this cup near the fire so that the chocolate melts completely.

– Fill a plastic bag or place on a plate some graham crackers that you have crushed.

– Toast some marshmallows the way you usually do.

– Dip these marshmallows into the melted chocolate and then roll them into the graham crackers.

This is a yummy recipe that the kids especially enjoy and the best part is that it is not even the least bit time consuming. You can keep experimenting with these campfire treat of s’mores, by making slight modifications every time, like melting caramel chocolate bars or even melting chocolate bars with nuts in them.

If you find this too messy a way, you can even opt for another way to create the s’more by putting the chocolate bars, the marshmallows and the graham crackers together in an aluminium foil. Wrap this package up and cook over your campfire for just a minute and upon opening the foil, ‘voila’- a lip-smacking, finger- licking treat.

Fun camp cooking recipes need not necessarily be those of desserts. You can play on any of your recipes by altering your fun foods like sloppy joes, a bit. Other camp recipes include something like tacos in a bag. All you need to do is take some plain tortilla chips in a bag and crush it up. Now you can add other ingredients like salsa, cheese and lettuce. Mix well and have it straight out of the bag for maximum fun.

Author: Abhishek Agarwal
Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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