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Pepperoni Bread on the Grill

My grandkids love this. Think of it as a Pizza Roll.

Pizza Crust in a tube.
Tomato Sauce
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder

Pat out dough. Layer sauce, spices, pepperoni, sauce, spices, then cheese. Leave 1 inch or so on the seam side for sealing. Roll up and put it seam side down. Pull top part of dough out and tuck under end to seal. Use kitchen scissor to cut vents. Cut at least half way down bread. Grill with 15 briquets per side for 20 mins or more using indirect heat.

I did not list amounts as I think everyone has thier own taste.

I’m posting this to give you the idea. It’s fun to make.

Rolled out Pepperoni Bread DoughPepperoni Bread Rolled UpPepperoni Bread Baking on GrillInside of Pepperoni Bread

This recipe can be changed around anyway you want. Change the Tomato Sauce for Salsa and add Ground Beef for a Southwest Roll.


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