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Grilled Spuds (Potatoes)

This side dish is good and easy, almost lazy.

Large Russet Potatoes, the long not so round ones.
Olive Oil
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Salt & Pepper
Grilled Spuds
Wash spuds and cut them into rounds about 1” thick. Figure about 3 rounds per person. Lightly fork the rounds on the cut sides, be careful not to break them and put in bowl. Coat spuds with oil and toss, then shake remaining ingredients on spuds while tossing to cover all sides. Let stand for few minutes for flavors to penetrate to spuds.

If cooking on a grill put spuds directly over heat to apply grill marks and lightly browned. Turn spuds and repeat. After all the spuds are browned finish baking with indirect heat for 30 or so minutes.

If cooking over an open fire grill spuds on a grate then transfer to a large Dutch oven with a trivet and finish the baking process.

These potatoes will have a light brown toasty outside, but very moist and smooth in the middle. No matter how you make them the smoky grill flavor is great.

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