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Dutch Oven Gathering

Hi, Everyone

I’m trying to see if enough people would like to get together to have an informal Dutch Oven Gathering in or near the Charlotte, NC area. A Dutch Oven Gathering is a group of people meeting at a central location to socialize and share their knowledge of Dutch Oven Cooking. We will share Dutch Oven Recipes and form new friendships while preparing a few meals in the great outdoors.

What is a Dutch Oven Gathering? To Learn More!

We will set a date when we get enough interested participants. Beginners and Seasoned Pro are Welcome.

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I look forward to hearing from you. I will add updates about the status in the forum.

Thank You,

Dan “Camp Master”

8 Responses to Dutch Oven Gathering

  • Fant Steele says:

    Dan, I will be in Rock Hill SC I think the weekend of July 17-18 (I will have to check the calendar when I get home on Friday of this week). I would love to stop in cook with you guys if you have an event. Please send me an email at the address below and we can talk more.

  • Julie M. says:

    Dan, count me in. Sounds like fun! I just got my first dutch oven for Christmas and broke it in on our last camping trip.

  • Bob Surratt says:

    I live in Columbia SC and would be very interested. Just make it someplace we can camp too!!!!!!!

  • campmaster says:

    Camping is the only way. I think Dutch Oven camp cooking is what makes the camping trip. I hope to see you soon. I’ll set up a site when the weather cools off a little. Visit our forum for updates.


  • diane &jim says:

    we would love to attend, im with the others, make it somewhere we can camp…..cane creek in waxhaw nc would be a great central location…i have 2 pots and one(1) lid…..im wanting to learn…i have not tried it yet…

  • Todd and Betsy says:

    Great to meet you at the Mile High DOG. Count us in from Charlotte. We could probably rope in quite a few others as well depending on proximity.

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