hello , we are brand new,,jim and diane

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hello , we are brand new,,jim and diane

Postby nonniemonroe1 » Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:33 am

good morning everyone, im diane and my husband is jim..we live in union county nc..i have recently found this site while in search to LEARN to cook in my pot...dutch oven...
buck creek in marion nc was a event we attentedwith 55 other campers..ONE lady made fresh blackberries COBBLE in her DO.i already had the pot but now im HOOKED...someone has to teach me how...
we will be at the CANECREEK event..wonderful place to camp.....704-843-3919...
http://www.co.union.nc.us/QualityofLife ... fault.aspx
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Re: hello , we are brand new,,jim and diane

Postby Oysterpot » Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:17 pm

Hi Dianne,
1st off, let me welcome you to the site.
I am Oysterpot and I hail from Middle TN, kinda like neighbors,

It is kind of hard to point a new person in the direction to DO cooking. My trial was I was handed a 12" DO,
3 lbs of hamburger, 3 pkgs of taco seasoning, 2 cans of taco sauce, and a large package of tortillas. My instructions were to make enchilada casserole HUH. Needless to say there was someone there to answer my questions. After sampling the dish, and totally losing out on a second pass, I was hooked.

No my point is, there is a following on these threads that have different experiences and levels of "expertise" (cough cough).
So my best advise to you at this point is, ask questions. not general questions, but pointed questions. You should get some good answers. Attend gatherings ask questions. etc
Then practise what you have been instructed.

I will garrantee you will make a mistake or two, but so what. Start simple.

Ask away, and good luck........ if you do some computer research you will find a whole world of good information out there.
Nike says it best "Just Do it"c
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Re: hello , we are brand new,,jim and diane

Postby frankie Jay » Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:48 pm

Hi Oysterpot

Thats great advice.

I'm still learning myself. I got a few recipes under my belt. (that I ain't burned or dried out)
But its fun to see other campers wondering what I'm doing, cuz I don't have a grill.

Dutch ovens have made camping easier. oNe pot meals for the whole family.

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Re: hello , we are brand new,,jim and diane

Postby LuLu » Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:37 pm

Hi Jim and Diane

If your going to be there with Dan, He can show you a lot. I've seen him cook up a storm.

We camped with our families till he took a job up in Kannapolis.

Have fun and keep in touch.

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Re: hello , we are brand new,,jim and diane

Postby campgal » Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:26 pm

Ha ,how the foot jim hope you are doing ok. Will JIm and Diane it was so nice meeting you at Cane Ceek. I had the best time. I told every one at work about you chicken pot pie. I even took some to work and had them taste it. They said it was great. Hope to see you at King Mountian it only going to be a day trip. I hope to change Dans mine and stay over night. Dinkey could not wait to get hope . He"s a city Dog. We have a book mail to use on pie iron recipes. I thought my be you doughter would like to have on for scots. Have a great week end . Hope to see you soon. Katherine ,Dans wife. :P
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