Is it Barbecue or Grilling?

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Is it Barbecue or Grilling?

Postby Camp_Master » Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:57 am

Hi, Everyone

While growing up in the south we would have a "Cook Out". A Cook Out covers just about everything, Barbecue, Grilling, Dutch Oven and Campfire Cooking. Still to this day I use the term "Cook Out"

I'm mentioning this because I have people tell me they had a Barbecue. I'll ask them what they made and they will say Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. What! Hamburgers are not Barbecue.

Here's how I see it.

Barbecue - Meats that are smoked or cooked over a fire, LOW and SLOW. Usually for hours. Most will have a rub of some sort applied and served with a sauce at or near the end of the cooking process. Examples: Pork Shoulder, Whole Chickens and Briskets.

Grilling - Meats that are are cooked over a fire, fairly fast, taking less than an hour. Most vegetables are grilled. Examples: Hamburgers, Chicken parts, Fish, Seafood and Steaks.

The reason I'm mentioning this is the chefs on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel use the terms Grilling and Barbecue synonymously.

I know that the "definitions" are similar, but in the south where I grew up, they are very different. So to be on the safe side, just say " I Cooked Out". :P

Dan "Camp Master"
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