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Welcome to South East Camper, We have upgraded our entire site to a blog format. We hope you like it. By setting it up as a blog it will be much easier to update. All the information seen on the old webpages will stay intact and will also be included in our New SouthEast Camper Blog. This has been a long time coming and since my last update. I have plenty of new recipes, pictures and more to add. I've moved into my new house and have settled in. It is time to build a fire and start cooking.

* About SouthEast Camper *

Welcome to South East Camper,

Dan and Katherine on Lake Murray - Columbia, South Carolina My name is Dan and my wife is Katherine.
(photo taken on Lake Murray in South Carolina)

We thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, especially backpacking, hiking and camping. Lately it's been day hikes with the grandchildren. Along with those activities you need to eat, so we took another one of our favorite things to do and that's cooking and brought it outdoors. We especially like campfire cooking and Dutch oven cooking using charcoal briquettes. Almost any meal that's cooked at home can be transformed with minimal effort and cooked outside. Many of the Dutch oven recipes here at South East Camper have come from the home.

This is an old skill that's missing from most people's life. Call it a survival skill if we were without electricity or away from modern conveniences. When your campfire cooking or any other kind of outdoor cooking you get to play with fire and who doesn't like that. The whole idea of open fire cooking is mysterious and primal and I think that that's half the fun.

I remember my early experiences campfire cooking with my dad. He would take me, my brother and some friends for a day of fishing and an overnight camping trip. He would make his world famous potluck stew in an old cast iron Dutch oven cooking next to the campfire. After a long day of fishing and the sun going down, the smoke from the campfire in the air would make dinner taste like a gourmet feast.

Here at South East Camper we want to show you everything you need to know about Dutch ovens, campfire cooking along with many other outdoor cooking ideas. We have Dutch oven recipes you can use in the backyard or while camping. If you take off for the day or a week we will also have backpacking recipes and ideas for quick backpack meals on the trail.

We wanted a place where all these things come together in one spot. As we travel around North Carolina, South Carolina and beyond we will add pictures of the places we visit and how we cooked our meals. We will show small local parks for simple walking and picnicking to National Parks for day hikes, backpack trips and camping.

Please book mark this site and stop back often as it will be ever evolving.

Thank you,
Dan & Katherine

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